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Velour suit

Velour suit

  • 140
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  • 152

990.00 UAH

Velor suit

Velor suit

  • 122
  • 128
  • 134

894.00 UAH

Ribbed golf

Ribbed golf

  • 158
  • 164
  • 170
  • 176

420.00 UAH

Footer pants

Footer pants

  • 92
  • 98

300.00 UAH

Footer pants

Footer pants

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  • 110
  • 116

342.00 UAH

Online children's clothing store robinzone.ua

Welcome to our online children's clothing store Robinzone!


Parents' concern is boundless: delicious sandwiches for school, watching movies together, a warm hat when it's cold, and, of course, choosing a children's wardrobe. Most of all, the care of father and mother is when they listen to the wishes of their child, taking care of his comfort and convenience, carefully studying the composition and tailoring of each item.


We understand the desire of parents to select the best for their children. Therefore, we create children's clothes, which kids will like. Among the advantages of our products:


  • the wear is made of natural cotton, which is hypoallergenic and absorbs moisture well. Sometimes 5-10% lycra or polyester is added to it;

  • in tailoring, we use double-thread or three-thread knitwear for greater wear resistance;

  • our children's clothing doesn't have coarse that will irritate or rub the skin;

  • the colors and designs of garments are optimal, so they combine well with each other;

  • a wide range of children's clothing for girls and boys;

  • we can find things for any event: garden or school, walks and travel, holidays and sports.


Our managers research the market every day to offer you children's clothing at affordable prices, the best promotions and discounts. After all, our main goal is your successful purchases at robinzone.ua and the smile of your child.


If you have any questions, please contact our managers. They will be happy to answer and help you choose children's clothes of the required size, style, color.


We are waiting for your purchases!