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  • Types of paintings
  • Care instructions
  • Product measurements

On our production more than 15 types of fabric are presented. Click on the picture and read a  description.

For cotton products, handwashing in warm water is recommended, at a temperature of 30 - 40 ° C,   It is not recommended to use powder with bleaching additives, and such products should not be bleached. If you dry the product in the open air, it is necessary to take into account that in bright sun fabrics can fade, and negative temperatures can contribute to whitening, which is undesirable for color and black products.   Cotton is better to iron from the inside.

  • test It is possible to erase, the maximum temperature is 30 ° C
  • Bleach Can not bleach
  • Ironing clothes can be ironed
  • Drying Do not tumble dry or electric dry
  • Drying Dry the product horizontally.

Please pay attention to all designations before washing.

We hope that you will be satisfied with the quality of our goods!



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